Recycle Process

Our company specialises in the recycling of car bumpers and other automotive parts. We offer a nationwide collection service and cages or stillages like those shown below can be supplied to bodyshops producing 20 or more bumpers per month.

Typically, the four post stillage holds approximately 80-90 bumpers whereas the larger cage holds nearer to 150. The four-post stillage takes up a foot print of 2.2m x 1.1m and the cage measures 3.6m x 2.1m with a height of 2m. The cage also runs on sturdy castors and a drop-down door for ease of access. On visits to your premises Auto Plas require access up to the equipment by their 7.5 tonne trucks and the bumpers are placed on board by hand with the stillage/cage remaining with the customer.

The collections are carried out by two staff and the bumpers are loaded and stacked on the wagon in such a way as to ensure the maximum weight possible. It doesn’t matter if the bumpers have lights or any other fixings attached to them as they are stripped before the granulation process.

We schedule our calls to suit your work load. From our experience we have found that a bodyshop repairing around 25 cars per week will typically produce approx 50 bumpers per month and will need a collection around every eight weeks. This is only an example and Auto Plas have customers that require weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits.

OnceAuto Plas have made a couple of visits we can then gauge your through put and schedule the collections accordingly, meaning that in most cases you won’t even need to call us! The company also carry out ‘one off’ collections on request for collections of 50 bumpers or more.

Operating from a 10,000 sq ft facility in Warrington, Cheshire we collect from all over the mainland and currently have the capacity to collect 1000 bumpers a day which equates to around 3 tonnes of plastic.

We also have the capacity to be able to handle bailed bumpers.