Welcome to AutoPlas. We provide a free plastic recycling service to industrial and commercial entities across the UK. If you have redundant stock or packaging, don’t throw it away; get in touch with us and we will arrange free collection to recycle your plastics. With a range of options including granulation and closed loop recycling, we have stablished ourselves as one of the top plastics specialists in the UK over 25 years of operation. Take a look at our services in more detail or contact us for more details.

Our main goal is to help you realise your environmental aspirations as well as saving you money along the way. We offer some of the best prices around to purchase your unwanted plastics and, through consultation, can help you identify opportunities for closed-loop recycling of your leftover plastics. From ID-ing, collecting, sorting to establishing opportunities for reuse within your business, AutoPlas have got the experience, the tools and the knowhow to ensure that you are getting the most out of your plastics. Contact us on 01925 428 424 today to find out more about our services.


Plastic Recycling

Our broad range of plastic recycling services includes shredding, bailing, compounding and granulation; with fast UK-wide collection guaranteed.

Purchase Your
Recyclable Plastic

If you have surplus plastics to sell or require further information, please call our customer service team now on 01925 428 424


We have significantly reduced the number of road-miles waste needs to be hauled, thus minimising negative environmental impact.

Collection of
Plastic Waste

We offer a convenient plastic collection service this includes removal of packaging waste, production waste, scrap raw materials, shred, granulate